Company Overview

Bal Lab was established in 2011 and has it’s primary engineering operations located in Belgrade, Serbia. Over the past years we have engineered a number of products for Start-Ups and large Financial Institutions alike.

Our projects have focused on Consumer, Big & Fast Data Applications and DevOps & Cloud Management - mainly in the AdTech and FinTech verticals.

We have been the primary architects and engineers of almost all products and projects we have worked on. We also develop our own products alongside to showcase our skills and to solve problems that we encounter often.

Bal Lab is fully owned by its principal Bal Balaji who has an extensive track record in the technology industry having founded and led “deep technology” companies in the US, UK, Switzerland, India and Serbia.

Companies he has founded, led or held operational roles include SurfKitchen (Founder / CTO, sold to Teleca AB, 2010 now part of Harman ), Fotodesk Group ( Interim CEO, Sold to CEWE Color, 2011), FlauntR (sold to Fotodesk Group 2007), RedZebra Analytics (CTO, Sold to Closer ), Colibria(Advisor, sold to Metaswitch Networks, 2011) and FlyTxt ( Business Transformation, BOT).

His companies have deployed products to companies such as Nokia, Qualcomm, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Cincinnati Bell, Siemens and Samsung. Bal is also an acknowledged pioneer in the mobile industry - having pioneered the concept of the On-Device App Store, and in Digital Imaging - having built the first integrated solution for Online Editing, Sharing and Printing of Digital Images.

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