Services: Big Data & Fast Data

We are the team behind the Cross Cloud Big Data Deployment Platform GridMine. GridMine was built to simplify the deployments of Big Data Solutions in the Cloud as well as In-House. GridMine is based on our extensive work in building Big and Fast Data Solutions for the FinTech and AdTech Verticals.

'Traditional' Big Data Solutions with Analytics and Machine Learning form a good part of our portfolio. But we have been fortunate to work on solutions in AdTech and Monitoring Space where Real Time Stream processing and Fast Response Times are critical. This has exposed us to the challenges of working with in-Memory Databases, CEP Processing, Time Series Databases and High Speed Web Server frameworks.

Having started out building Big Data Solutions we now offer consulting independent of our software engineering solutions. These include advisory services on Tool Choice as well as Infrastructure Design and Roadmap Planning.

Having worked for the FinTEch industry we understand not only the technical aspects but business issues such as Granular Security, Governance, GDPR and Data Lineage.


Our Services include

  • Software Engineering.
  • Roadmap Design and Consulting,
  • Solution Planning
  • Secure Hadoop Design and Deployment
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Automation
  • 24/7 Operations Management and Support

Platforms and Technologies

We have worked with the following technologies and implemented them within our solutions.

  • Apache Kafka, Flume, Oozie.
  • Apache Ignite
  • Cloudera Kite SDK
  • Apache Cassandra, Hbase and Kudu
  • Elasticsearch & Solr
  • Avro, Parquet, ORC
  • Apache Knox, Sentry and Ranger
  • Hive, Presto & Impala
  • Sqoop
  • Cloudera Hue
  • Apache Spark

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